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Youth & MX4 & Small Group Training

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Discover MX4 Small Group Training for a fresh, motivating exercise experience that delivers results you can see. Only MX4 combines best-in-class training tools with exciting workouts to help you improve cardiovascular fitness, power, strength and endurance in a way that’s right for your body and abilities.

  • Youth training for children 8-14. Classes range from 8-12 kids per program.  Cost: $8.00 + HST/class and are invoiced on a monthly basis.

  • Group of 4 training for ages 15-18. This program is suited for athletes wanting to learn how to utilize the gym effectively and efficiently.  Work with Coach Brandon 4 on 1 to learn how: to develop programs, implement sport nutrition and gym etiquette.  Meet for 4 on 1 personal training 2 times per week and receive a student membership.

  • Summer Programs for youth available

With MX4, you will:

  • Build functional strength by performing weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities

  • Burn fat and build muscle faster with high-intensity interval training that activates a natural human growth hormone

  • Augment power with diverse resistance training

  • Refine agility with forward, reverse and lateral drills

  • Improve cardiovascular health with full-body exercise that’s easy on your joints

  • Increase aerobic capacity, strength and endurance with unique upper-body workouts

No matter what your goals, MX4 will help you achieve more with a mix of personal trainer attention, camaraderie and challenging progressive workouts. We have multiple classes each day so check out our schedule to find a time that works for you!


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